Sunday, 24 May 2015

Ode to the Fall Leaves

Each colour of the autumn leaves have been given a name:
Pink- Cherry Blossoms
Red- Auburn Bricks
Yellow- Sweet Ambers
Purple- Mulberry Fruits
Brown- Toasted Coconuts

One of my friends once told me
There are various dimensions
To how you can love another
Citing an instance of the exquisite Fall Leaves.

From Fall to Fall, they fall
Harnessing a myriad of shades
With each shade bearing a trait
Of a particular kind of love.

The first place is ranked by
Pretty little Cherry Blossoms
Who hold more than an aesthetic delight
Albeit, less than divine ties.

And that's exactly where and when
The magical Auburn Bricks step in
Suddenly telepathy begins to make sense
However, their spell strikes back abruptly.

Their mystic charm depletes
Leaving behind warm Sweet Ambers
Who try and heal your sensitive spots
But, you promptly seal it again.

You choose companionship o'er courtship
Letting the obsessive Mulberry Fruits crawl out
Then, ranging from slits to scars
They slide to tremendous extents.

They take offerings to the next level
And the crushed Toasted Coconuts wonder
If their sacrifices would ever turn fruitful
Or whether their sufferings are worthy enough.

She presented her theory so beautifully
That it now resides on my fingertips
Love may be quite flexible
Yet, it remains as marvellous as a mosaic.

~Poem 11

She explained it over tea
(Picture credits: Unknown; Source: We heart it)

Monday, 11 May 2015

Hope-on, Hope-off

Maybe there is some hope outside
Though nowhere near mangroves
A hope I cannot see
A hope I cannot breathe
A hope I cannot feel
This hope is omnipresent
Yet I do not sense its presence
It exists in the seventh fold
It hides behind a dead end
It lies inside a hollow bone
Guess this hope has its roots hidden
In a place I cannot reach.

~Poem 11

Which way is it?
(Picture credits: Unknown; Source: Google images)